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Chase's Bloody Sheets: Chapter 6, part 2

Chapter 6, part 2

House and Wilson come out of the inner office to find Chase, Cameron, and Foreman already sitting there. Chase is clutching two large Teddy bears, and Cameron has a Styrofoam box from the cafeteria in front of her.

House: Welcome back, my minions! I will now receive your tribute.

Cameron: I brought you a Reuben. **pushes cafeteria box toward him**

House: Hm. I give you four out five for appropriateness and two for creativity, for a combined score of six. Not bad. Chase?

Chase: This is yours. **hands House the second Teddy bear, which is white and very fluffy.**

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Chase's Bloody Sheets: 6A of 11

This chapter of the uproariously MST-able fic where Chase gets AIDS from being raped by his two brothers, was too long to MST in one go.  Please enjoy this first half of the chapter, and look for the rest tomorrow or the next day.

After a lunch break, the ace gang reassembles in the Diagnostics conference room to continue reading badfic. Foreman has managed to coax Chase out of the corner, and he is sitting at the table with the rest, although he’s still wrapped in a hospital-issue blanket and holding a giant teddy bear.

House: Chase, you haven’t taken a turn reading yet.

Foreman: You can’t make him read this! He’s not strong enough.

Chase: **sniffles** I’ll try, House. **takes badfic printouts.** Um, okay. This chapter is called “House Is A Briefs Kinda Guy.” I guess that refers to your underwear?

Wilson: If it does, he’s not.

House: Go on.

Chase: **reads**

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Chase's Bloody Sheets: 5/11

Another chapter of this...thing.  In the fic:  Chase hears sirens.  Or screaming.  Or possibly both; it's kind of hard to tell.  And Cameron walks in on House and Cuddy kissing, after which she sulks until House apologizes and Chase comes down with the AIDS.    In the MST:  Cameron gets another job, Wilson makes fun of House's hair, and Chase is still hiding in the corner.  

House: Since Chase didn’t get tortured in the last chapter, we’ll start the next one right away. This one is called “Recovering, or Making it Worse?”

Wilson: I’m going to vote for “making it worse.”

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Chase's Bloody Sheets: 4/11

More MST of the fic where Chase gets raped by his brothers.   In this chapter...nothing really happens to advance the main plot, so, safe for all readers.  In the MST, Chase gets a present, and Wilson almost--but doesn't!--die. 

House: **returns to the conference room, carrying a bundle over his shoulder, hobo-style**

Wilson and Cameron: **are already there**

Chase: **is huddled in the corner**

House: I brought emergency rations! **dumps bundle on table**

Table: **is covered in bottles of soda, packets of chips, and candy bars**

House: **unties arms of Wilson’s lab coat, which he was using as a sack** Here, you can have this back.

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MST: Chase's Bloody Sheets: 3/11

The return of the MST of the horrible "Dark Fic" where Chase gets AIDS from being raped by his brothers.  Author-person has added another chapter, so now it's out of 11 chapters rather than 10.  The ending is...equally bizarre.  

The fic features:  Possibly the sickest Chase family dyanamic ever recorded in fanfiction (and that's saying something).  Rape, torture, etc.  MST features:  Cameron searching for an MST-ing job (since Foreman won't let her help with grammar), Chase being upset, Foreman being protective, and Wilson reaching his wits' end.  


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Chase's Bloody Sheets: Chapter 2 of 10

More of the MST of the fic where Chase gets AIDS from being raped by his brothers! 

Ten minutes later…

Chase and Foreman return from the men’s room. Chase’s hair is mussed and Foreman’s shirt is only half tucked-in.

Chase: **sits down** **winces**

House: **smirks**

Foreman: **is pleased**

Wilson: **enters** I heard screaming coming from the men’s room. I assume it had something to do with you.

House: Not this time. **points to Chase and Foreman**

Wilson: **hands on hips** What were you doing in there?

Chase: **looks sheepish** Nothin’.

Foreman: **quickly** We’re reading bad!fic. You should stay.

House: Yeah, stay. I might be going to the men’s room after this chapter.

Wilson: And you need company?

House: Need? No. Want? Maybe. **swats Wilson’s ass with his copy of the bad!fic** Siddown. Cameron, update Wilson on the story so far.

Cameron: Well…so far, we’re working on a patient who has a fever and a rash, had seizure, and was vomiting blood. He turned out to be Chase’s brother. Chase denied he had a brother, punched the wall, and ran away…then went back to the patient’s room and got in a fistfight with his other brother, who’s in the room with the sick one. House intervened in the fight and something happened to his leg.

House: Very concise summary. Just for that, you can read some more.

Cameron: **starts reading**



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An MST! Part 1 of 10

Haven't done one of these in a while.  This is my first MST of a multi-part story.  If people enjoy it, I'll try to do all 10 chapters of the original fic.  In the fic, Chase's two long-lost brothers show up at the hospital for no apparent reason...only it turns out they have AIDS!  And Chase has it too, because...they raped him!  A lot!  The MST contains a girly!Chase who is in lust with Foreman...a Foreman who is somewhat intrigued...and faghag!Cameron. 

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Author's Note:  This fic came about because I was trying to find something to MST, but couldn't seem to get any of them to work.  SO I decided to write an MST about House finally getting bored with mocking bad!fic. 

Spoilers (in the MST) for "Insensitive"

House:  I didn’t think it would ever happen, but it’s happened.


Wilson:  What’s happened?  A patient actually has vasculitis?


Foreman:  Chase said something intelligent?


Cameron:  You’ve realized you actually love…somebody?


Chase:  Cameron stopped making goo-goo eyes at you?


House:  No.  I’m bored with badfic!

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MST 4: How the Grinch Saved Cameron's Valentine's Day

Sorry, it's not  a Post-Trauma update!  I got stuck on that, so I decided to do a little light MST-ing instead.  Look forward to some broken!House goodness tomorrow. 

A/N:  This story is actually not all that terrible—it’s kind of pointless, but within the bounds of acceptability, if you like Ham.  I just wanted something short to MST, as a break from Post-Trauma. 



House:  **wheels into the office and drops a stack of papers on the table.**  Everybody take one, kids.  It’s story time!


Foreman:  Oh, Christ.  Not this again.  We’re doctors, not literary critics.


House:  And this isn’t literature, it’s garbage. 


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And now for an MST completely different! 

The original story features rather good grammar and spelling, no Mary Sues, relatlively minor OOC-ness....and the most godawful purple prose I've ever seen.  EV-AH, peeps.  So purple that I'm sure the auhor-person would call it  "orchid-colored verbalization."

Author's Summary of the story:  A little boy, alone in the world, has just one thought. Drabble.

House, on the run from Cuddy, dashes into Wilson’s office and slams the door behind him, locking it.  After catching his breath and taking a Vicodin, he turns around and notices that Wilson is at his desk, weeping copiously.


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