alex51324 (alex51324) wrote,

Avengers Fic: What You Don't Know (Can Hurt A Lot)

Title: What You Don't Know (Can Hurt A Lot)

Rating: R for brief scenes of torture, language, mild violence.

Length: ~76,000 words


In the aftermath of an Avengers' mission gone slightly wrong, Tony--and SHIELD--learn that he is a Guide. This is a problem, because in this universe, Guides are subject to military conscription that amounts to near-slavery.

Contains brief scenes of torture, mostly psychological in nature. part of the Dreaded Bonding AU.

For now, I'm putting this one up over at the AO3 and just linking from here. If anyone actually misses having the text available on LJ, let me know and I'll post here, but I'm not sure there's much point.
Tags: avengers, sentinel

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