alex51324 (alex51324) wrote,

Teaser for the Guide!Tony story

The first draft of the Guide!Tony story is like 95% complete (I think). I still need a closing scene (not my strong point) and there are some other parts that will need moderate to heavy revision--but it's looking good, and I'm confident in saying that the story will be finished before I go back to work at the end of the month.

So! In celebration, I'm posting a couple of pages. Since there's been some interest in the Tony!whump aspects, I'm giving you Tony's first meeting with his new Sentinel. TW for, uh...whumpiness? There's no detailed on-screen torture, but it's pretty clear that Tony has been having a very unpleasant time of it for quite a while when we join him here. In ye olden dayes of House fandom, I would call it non-Poeia-safe.

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Tags: avengers, dreaded bonding au, is this anything?

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