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Fic Master Post (In-progress)

Master Post of Fics By Fandom (in progress).

One of these days, I'm going to migrate everything over to the AO3, but that day is not today. For now, I'm working on a master post, to make it easier for folks to view my whole body of work. I'm going to create this list backwards from the present. I've gotten back to February 2008 so far. If you're looking for older stuff, (pretty much just House, I think), you'll have to use the tags. When this list is complete, I will update this header to reflect that.

Fandoms are listed in alphabetical order, with brief summaries and ratings. Please see the individual fic headers for warnings and other details.

Avengers (2012 movie 'verse)

Ask Me No Questions

When Thor returns from Asgard to rejoin the Avengers, he brings Loki in tow--stripped of his magic and bound with a geas that allows him to speak only in response to direct questions. Gen, Loki-centric, long.

Tony Pulls a Train

The team roleplays a scenario where it's Tony's first day as the Avengers' new live-in sex slave, and everyone takes a turn with him. NC-17; see the story header for complete list of participants and kinks.

Big Bang Theory

The Purloined Letter Technique

The one where Sheldon gets a boyfriend. Medium-length.

Dreaded Bonding AU

Dreaded Bonding AU Master Post

The DBAU is a sprawling fic series that started in The Sentinel and has since spread to crossover fandoms White Collar and Downton Abbey, as well as several OC-centric stories. Please note that, for now, the DBAU master post is the primary access point for the Sentinel!Neal stories. Other stories in the DBAU will be listed with their fandoms as well as in the DBAU Master Post.

Downton Abbey

Thomas Gets a Dog

What it says on the tin. Gen.

Patches Makes a New Friend, or, Thomas and the Hall-boy who won't leave his Dog Alone

Sequel to "Thomas Gets a Dog." A new hallboy at Downton takes a liking to Patches, Thomas's dog, and almost accidentally befriends Thomas, despite Thomas's attempts to remain aloof. But some people are a little suspicious of Thomas's motives.... Gen.

Thomas and the Society of Sentinels

Thomas finds out he's a Guide. Loosely connected to the Dreaded Bonding AU. Thomas/OMC, non-explicit slash.

Thomas and the Earl of Findlater

The Earl of Findlater turns up at Downton Abbey with news that will change Thomas and O'Brien's lives forever. Set well before their BFF bustup, and now very Jossed. Gen.

Thomas and the Earl Follow-up Snippet

Fragment of a fic imagining a possible future for Thomas in the Thomas and the Earl 'verse. Gen.

The Thomas Barrow Show

Thomas-centric retelling of Series 3. Covers the 8 episodes of the UK-aired season; does not include the 2012 Christmas Special. Mostly gen.

Leaving Downton

After Thomas’s black market disappointment, the Spanish Flu does not immediately arrive to provide him with an opportunity to slide back into his old job. Instead, a war acquaintance witnesses his despair and offers him a chance at a different life. Thomas/OMC, non-explicit.

Christmas After Leaving Downton

Short fic in which we check in on how Thomas and Dr. Hartley celebrate Christmas. Gen.


Why Thomas loves unicorns. Short, gen backstory fic.

Thomas and the Kindest Man in England, or, Jeeves and the Inferior Valet

Downton/Jeeves crossover! Thomas is caught in a compromising position with a male guest, and is thrown out on his ear. Fortunately, the guest is too much of a preux chevalier to leave him to deal with the problem on his own.... Slash, not very explicit.

due South

You Just Have to Leap

Ray suffers a crisis of confidence after learning that his mistake has let a killer go free. (or, the one about Ray's dyslexia.) Long, F/K.

The Reaching Out One

Ten years after the end of canon, Fraser and Ray K meet up to continue the Quest, and their relationship changes. Also known as the one where Dief dies. Long, F/K.

The Minute After

Fraser kisses Ray. Ray kisses back. What happens next? Long, F/K.

Turtle Ficlet

Early in their partnership, Fraser and Ray talk about turtles. Short, gen.

I Coulda Been a Defendant

Fraser discovers that he is an habitual law-breaker, and insists that Ray arrest him. Short, gen or preslash if you squint.

I Coulda Been a Defendant DVD Commentary

The above, with DVD commentary added.

< href="">Dead Men Don't Throw Rice"</a>

Ray K and Fraser get married in Fraser's closet. Short, F/K.

Hunting Season, or Oh, Deer

Inspector Thatcher has a minor car accident. Fraser and Ray K ride to the rescue. Short, gen.


On the trail of a stolen painting, Ray K begins to question his role in the duet. Medium length, slash.

Heroes of Chicago

Fraser participates in a charity date auction. Short, gen or preslash with Ray K.

Hatless in Chicago

Ray K discovers the source of Fraser's mountie super powers. Preslash, medium length.

On the Seizing of a Low Moment

Following the events of "Bounty Hunter," Fraser's forces are at a low ebb. Short, F/K.

Who's Got the Button?

Ray's turtle is ill. Short, F/K.

Another Roadside Attraction

Fraser has a lot to learn about road trips. Short, F/K gen or preslash.

There's No Stopping Her

Ma Kowalski won't take no for an answer. Short, gen.

First One Thing, Then the Otter

When the guys find signs of a sea otter living in Chicago, Fraser is strangely reluctant to investigate. Longish, F/K.

Out of the Box

Rak can't figure out why Fraser is acting so weird. Medium length, F/K.


Chicken Soup for the Gimpy Soul

House has a rotten day; Wilson makes it better. Short, gen. A brief return to House!fic in return for Hibernia's donation to horse rescue.


House has some trouble with a vending machine. Very short.

Teddy House Ficlet

Teddy House encounters an animatronic teddy bear.

Pencils Are Dangerous

Unfinished. Back in the early years of House fandom, there was a trope about House going to prison and getting tortured. This story is, essentially, a fix-it for a story someone else wrote where House gets his eyes and ears put out with a pencil. More details, and a link to the other fic, available in part one. Long.

This is in 50-odd parts, and was before I got in the habit of linking to the next part in each post, so the link is to the story tag. I did check to make sure that all the posts are tagged and the chapter numbers go in order, so you should be able to find it all.

I Have a Little Dreidel DVD Commentary

DVD commentary on the Threesome 'verse story where House, Wilson, and Chase play strip dreidel.

Wilson's Son

Unfinished short where Wilson's not-quite-long-lost son turns up at his and House's apartment.

Wilson's Son DVD Commentary

DVD commentary for the above.

Jeeves and Wooster

Jeeves and the Inferior Valet, or, Thomas and the Kindest Man in England

Jeeves/Downton crossover! Bertie visits Downton Abbey, sans Jeeves, and a rummy sitch ensues. Slash, not very explicit.

Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Illya Kuryakin, Known Homosexual

Incomplete story, not particularly likely ever to be finished, in which Napoleon learns at the beginning of their partnership that Illya is a Known Homosexual. Hints of IK/NS pre-slash.

The Sentinel

Four Times Jim and Blair Didn't Have Sex, and One Time They Did

What it says on the tin. Medium-length, slash.


Blair switches bodies with an AU version of himself, who has never met Jim. Longish, slash.

Five Sentinel Haiku

What it says on the tin.

They Have to Take You In

The beginning of the Dreaded Bonding AU. in yet another universe where Sentinel and Guides are known, and Guides are oppressed, Jim and Blair find each other and forge a partnership. Long, slash.

You Haven't to Deserve

Part 2 of the Dreaded Bonding AU Original Trilogy. Long, slash.

Some Good, To Someone in the World

AKA, part 3 of the Dreaded Bonding AU Original Trilogy. Long, slash.

First Meetings: Kas and Angel

Kas and Angel (OCs from the DBAU) meet at boot camp. Long, pre-slash.

Kas and Angel at Sentinel School

Continues the story of the early days of Kas and Angel's partnership. Long, slash.

Kas and Angel at Med School

A few scenes from K&A's med school years.

A Thing that Happens To You

WIP about Tony Signorelli, an OC from the Kas and Angel Sentinel School story in the DBAU. Tony is retired from being a School Guide and sent to a nursing home. Surprisingly hopeful, given the premise.


Untitled Sherlock Story

John learns something about Sherlock's childhood. Short, gen.

Birthday Skull

It's Sherlock's birthday. Mycroft does something thoughtful. Short, ven.


The one where John finds out Sherlock has a standing appointment with an escort for maintenance on his transport. Short, off-screen het.

Stargate: Atlantis

A Far Better Thing

After spending years trapped on a Wraith ship, Rodney McKay escapes and returns to Atlantis. The only trouble is, he's already there.

I, Rodney

A season-1 AU where Rodney is a robot. Gen. Long.

I, Rodney DVD Commentary

"I, Rodney" with DVD commentary.

A Tale of Teapots

Silly photo-story where the team are turned into teapots. Features low-quality photos of teapots from my own collection.


The Face of God, or, Ianto Hears a Who

The Jam jar people one. Probably my most well-known TW story. Short, gen.

Unfinish Jam Jar Sequel

What it says on the tin.


Jack and Ianto have an extremely fluffy D/s thing going on. Medium length, slash.

All Tied Up

Imaginary sequel to "Servant-Hearted," parodying the "Gwen Finds Out" trope. Short, Jack/Ianto.

The Road Back Home Again

Ianto lands on an alien planet, makes some new friends, and finds his way home. Medium length, Jack/Ianto.

Comfortable Horrors

After the events of "Cyberwoman," Jack keeps Ianto prisoner in the Hub. Darkish Jack. Long.

Four Ways Ianto's Father Was(n't) a Master Tailor

Short, some gen, some Jack/Ianto.


Sequel to "Servant-Hearted." Ianto learns to relax. Jack/Ianto, shortish.

In His Service

Another sequel to "Servant-Hearted." Jack and Ianto have sex, visit a sex shop, catch a weevil, and have more sex. Medium length Jack/Ianto.


Short, gen. Background Gwen/Rhys.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

A "how Jack and Ianto got together" story. Longish.

Incomplete "Ianto Gets Whumped by Aliens" Story, pt. 1

Pt. 2

Pt. 3

Ianto falls through the Rift into the company of some seriously unfriendly aliens, then falls back out. Unfinished.

White Collar


AU where instead of a tracking anklet, Neal has a shock collar. Check the fic header for warnings! Gen.


Sequel to "Collared." Neal and Peter show up at work one day to be confronted with evidence that Neal performed a robbery the night before. Neal says he was set up. Peter doesn't know what to believe. AU of the season-one music box arc. Gen.

Untitled Collared Universe Story

Short-ish story in which collar 'verse!Neal is lent to another agency, against Peter's will. They are not very nice. Gen.

Another Untitled Collar'verse Story

Short story about what collar'verse!Neal does for El's birthday. Gen.

The Brooklyn Time Slip

Apparently, Mozzie has a time machine. Also, Neal does not follow instructions well. Gen.

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